Condos - Garden-Style

Too often called 'apartments', garden-style communities are condominium homes where the buildings are constructed with each homeowner’s condo on one level, with another home above and/or below. These buildings were most often originally apartment buildings, typically constructed with brick siding, often back in the 1960’s, yet there are also many garden-style buildings constructed in the 1980’s directly for condominium use.


These communities are often value-oriented, with most homes in the 400-950 square foot range, yet often include conveniences such as nice landscaping, common hot water, occasionally common heat, and at some properties, a pool. Thus this style of home provides most of the functional value of being a tenant, with some added interior maintenance responsibilities, with the equity building and tax advantages of single family homes.

 Brookside - Framingham, MA
 Century Estates - Framingham, MA
 Franklin Crossing - Franklin, MA
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